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We aim to operate an Interviewer to Supervisor ratio of no greater than 10:1 to ensure that we provide our front-line data collection team with optimum support.  This also enables us to minimise any possible delay or obstacle in the flow of information both up and down the reporting structure.

Monitoring the data-collection process is given a very high priority at Peak Answers, serving three important functions:

· To validate the interviews, making sure that these are conducted in accordance with briefing instructions, and that the quality, depth and accuracy of data collected meets with our standards.

· To provide ongoing assessment and training in order to continuously revise and improve the ongoing standard of interviewing in the team.

· To provide our clients, the project management team and field staff with additional insight on the sample or fieldwork process, in particular where results are out of line with expectations, or where supplementary insight would add value to the final data.  

As a minimum standard, we aim to monitor at least 5% of the interviews an interviewer completes on a research project, using a systematic method of selection to ensure that all Interviewers are monitored proportionate to their contribution.  We can increase this on request at the costing stage.

In the unlikely instance that it is technically impossible to monitor on a project, 10% of the interviews are back-checked instead. Please note that any additional quality controls can be provided on request.

Following each monitoring session, the Supervisor discusses the recorded outcome with the Interviewer, concentrating on the interviewing skills and techniques, respondent identification and handling, and probing / linguistic ability. Following this, recommendations are made for any refinement of skills which may be necessary, forming the basis of our ongoing training and assessment process.

Our incremental pay system recognises both quality of work and productivity, and interviewers are paid a flat rate per hour, rather than by the interview, in order to ensure that the interview is completed correctly and that sufficient time has been allowed for the respondent to answer all questions fully.

The quality of data is also closely monitored, with key metrics identified at the start of a study and tracked by Supervisors and the unit manager to ensure consistent quality of data-collection.

Supervision and Monitoring

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