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We typically advertise in the local press for recruits. Applicants are screened over the phone and invited in for a face-to-face interview.  This is conducted in a uniform way to ensure that all applicants are judged using the same criteria and includes a written test, and for international interviewers, a test translation to ensure their English comprehension is of a sufficiently high standard.

Successful applicants are then invited onto a training session. Our competence-based training program sets standards in the format, content and delivery of training, ensuring that the trainers are fully and appropriately trained in its delivery and that the training itself is comprehensive, informative and effective for participants.

In order to ensure consistency, the content of the session follows a strict recommended format covering everything from appropriate telephone manner to the strictures of the MRS Code of Conduct. During the training, there are various tests, which not only assess the trainees on aspects of knowledge gained during the day, but also identify whether the applicants have the requisite skills and necessary attitude to become a good interviewer.

Following the first day of classroom training, candidates are assessed, and successful candidates then go on to follow up this training with an extended briefing and CATI practice session of at least half a day to ensure they are comfortable with both the CATI system and the interviewing script.

Before going live trainees are tested by one of the monitors to ascertain whether they have grasped the basics and their first live interviews are monitored to ensure we are happy with their quality before including this data in any research for which a client is paying.

Interviewer Training and Recruitment Process

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