Frequently asked questions

Why was I called by Peak Answers?

Peak Answers is a market research data collection organisation which operates under the Code of Conduct of the UK Market Research Society. We are commissioned by our clients to carry out surveys over the telephone. These surveys cover a wide range of subjects such as customer satisfaction with a product or service, feedback on a new product idea and so on. Any information collected by us is treated in the strictest of confidence – survey answers are collated and reported back to our clients in the aggregate; we will never attribute individual responses without the express permission of the respondent concerned. Participation in our surveys is entirely voluntary – we are reliant on the goodwill of the public and business to assist with our research. We only carry out market research studies – we will never try to sell you anything and you will never receive a marketing follow-up as a result of your participation in one of our surveys. If you have recently been contacted and were kind enough to assist us, we would like to thank you for your co-operation. If you would like to confirm that we are a genuine market research company, you can contact us 0161 4766655 or call the Market Research Society on 0800 975 9596.

Where did you get my telephone number?

There are several ways in which we may have obtained your telephone number:

  • If we are working on behalf of a client who wishes us to speak with their customers, the client may well provide limited customer details (including a phone number), so that we can make contact. The transfer of any such information is handled securely and in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act
  • If you are a business or a tradesman, we may have sourced your phone number from a commercial directory.
  • For some surveys, we may need to speak to a random cross-section of the population – in such cases we may use what is termed Random Digit Dialling i.e. numbers for calling are generated at random and we have no additional information about the number being dialled (such as a name or, indeed, whether it is even a live number).

Are calls recorded?

Calls may be recorded for training and quality control purposes. These recordings are stored securely in accordance with our data security policies.

Why did you call me when I am registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS)?

The Telephone Preference Service was set up so that individuals not wishing to receive sales and marketing calls could register and be removed from the contact lists of tele-sales and tele-marketing companies. As the market research carried out by Peak Answers does not involve any sales or marketing, it is specifically exempted from the TPS.

“Peak Answers has a strong group of experienced B2B interviewers who get to grips with the more technical aspects of the research topic.”

Dave Hassall, Owner, DH Research Ltd

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