“Peak Answers has a strong group of experienced B2B interviewers who get to grips with the more technical aspects of the research topic.”

Dave Hassall, Owner, DH Research Ltd


For certain audiences, online data collection can offer benefits in terms of cost and speed over more traditional data collection methods. Our staff have the skills to help clients realise these benefits by advising on appropriate the surveying techniques for collecting information which maintain the quality of data and provide topline results virtually in real time.

Just some of the high quality services we provide include:

Survey Programming and Hosting

Online surveys need to be engaging for respondents and simple to follow. We will work with you to assist with the design of questionnaires to guarantee effective internet surveying. We will take care of all the technical details to get your online data collection project up and running, allowing you to focus on the results. Using Nebu survey software, we can integrate graphics, audio and video into surveys and create a visually pleasing questionnaire interface which, thanks to device detection functionality, will display correctly across all devices (ie phones and tablets as well as PCs or laptops).

Customer Interviewing

If customer email addresses are available, we can administer the dispatching of customised email invitations across your customer base, requesting their participation in and online survey. We will take care of all survey programming and hosting the survey and can provide clients with data in a variety of formats from simple Excel data files through to detailed cross-tabulations. Our survey software management allows for reminder emails to be generated appropriately as well as capturing opt-outs Surveys can be branded with client logos and even despatched to customers via a client’s email address, thereby increasing the credibility of the study and helping to boost response rates. If appropriate, we can further boost response rates through telephone reminder calls to (even assisting the respondent to complete the questionnaire over the phone if required).

General Public Interviewing

In circumstances where customer email address are not available or when a wider audience is required, we have access to a range of respondent panels, so that we can quickly target both general public and more niche audiences in a timely and cost-effective manner. Using the profiling information available from established panel providers often allows for the faster and more cost effective delivery of results than would be obtained through more traditional methods such as CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing).

Mixed Mode Interviewing

Even on telephone surveys there is sometimes a benefit to be able to show respondents an image or series of questions on a screen. We have the capability to handle ‘recruit to web’ or ‘switch to web’ projects to seamlessly harness the benefits of the different data collection methods as well as allowing respondents to complete surveys through a method most convenient to themselves without the need for separate programming.

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