“I always feel very confident when discussing a potential project with one of my clients because I know Peak Answers will do a great job if research is required.”

Philip Lucas, Director, The Education Marketing Practice

Specialists in (CATI) telephone data collection services

For all aspects of telephone survey market research, our experienced staff are experts at getting you the information you need as quickly and easily as possible. Just some of the high quality services we provide include:

Business Interviewing

Business to business interviewing is the core of our business, whether that is understanding the needs of your customers and their level of satisfaction with your services, benchmarking those service levels against competitors or exploring the market needs of a new product or service, our telephone interviewing staff are trained to deal with business respondents from CEOs to inbound call ‘gate-keepers’, on a wide range of topics. Professional and personable, our staff are skilled at engaging the cooperation of busy audiences and persuading them that participation in a survey will be positive and worthwhile experience for them.

Consumer Interviewing

Whilst consumer interviewing is becoming increasingly carried out via online survey methods, there are still many circumstances in which an approach involving trained interviewers is the best option (for example when email addresses are not available, when high response rates are need or when more detailed responses to open questions are required). Our consumer team has many years of experience in maximising survey response rates, making the best use of available telephone numbers, putting respondents at their ease and carrying out surveys to the highest standards, always remembering that they are representing our client and treating respondents/customers with the appropriate courtesy and professionalism.

International Fieldwork

Over the years we have carried out telephone interviews with many overseas business to business audiences from Turkish farmers and Peruvian rail safety managers through to American architects and German office managers. For smaller scale international projects, we have our own internal resource of native foreign language speakers and, for larger studies or less-common languages, we have relationships with a wide range of local ‘in-country’ fieldwork suppliers, so, if your project involves international dialing, please give us a call and we can advise on the most cost-effective approach.

Qualitative Recruitment

Our clients often call on us to recruit the respondents that they need to attend focus group discussions or take part in one-to-one depth interviews; we understand the importance of getting the right people recruited at the right time, leaving our clients free to focus on the research objectives of the project rather than the administrative details. We always recruit ‘from scratch’ – we don’t maintain a database of ‘professional respondents’, so our clients can be reassured that their group and depth participants are appropriately engaged in the survey subject matter. We have relationships with a range of service providers, such as viewing facilities and video services, so we are able to handle all aspects of your qualitative project.

Qualitative Interviewing

In studies where a structured telephone survey is not an appropriate means of collecting data (for example when conducting a pilot for a quantitative study or when the subject matter of the survey is less-defined), we can draw on a team skilled in the specialised area of administering open-ended or semi-structured questionnaires, gently probing respondents to ensure that such questions are answered fully and accurately. We also have access to a network of experienced freelance moderators whom we can engage to moderate, carry out data analysis and report on group discussions and depth interviews, providing clients with an end-to-end fieldwork service.

Bespoke Services

In addition to telephone survey market research, with a team of experienced telephone staff at our disposal, we regularly get asked by clients to assist them with telephone-based projects outside of the ‘normal’ range of market research methods/survey data collection activity. We are happy to help with such projects – we are obliged in such cases to be clear with respondents that we are not conducting market research (and we will not accept projects that involve any sort of sales activity). An example would be assisting a University client to recruit participants to assessment clinics for a longitudinal healthcare study. If you have an ‘unusual’ request, please get in touch and if we can help within the bounds of our Code of Conduct, we will be happy to discuss.

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